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ATE test board
ZENFOCUS has the hardware development capabilities of mainstream ATE test platform
We developed LB (Load Board),used for FINAL TESTNG after IC packaging, and PIB (Probe Interface Board),used for WAFER TESTNG testing independently.We have rich experience in LB and PIB design for HPC, network, wireless, PMIC, MULTMEDIA, Memory, RF and so

Rolling exploration

Load Board

ZENFOCUS produces high-performance test

Probe Card Components

ZENFOCUS has independent MLC/MLO design


ZENFOCUS has met various customization n

BIB Design

It has various platforms such as HTOL (C

  • Maximum size:570*650mm
  • Maximum thickness:10mm
  • Thickness tolerance:±5%
  • Hole stacking times:3
  • Maximum number of pressing:4(including HDI)
  • Flatness (DUT area):50μm
  • Signal rate: 112G PAM4/65G NRZ
  • Maximum number of layers:>100层
  • BGA DUT Pitch(minimum):0.35mm