Technical ability

Products advantages
Mechanical simulation capability

The relationship between OD and Force of probe test was analyzed to provide data support for probe research and development, shorten probe research and development cycle, and play an important role in rapid probe research and development. 

Probe card force simulation capability

The stress and thermal simulation of the mechanical structure of the probe card is carried out, so that the structural design of the probe card has the stability and reliability, and the probe pin has the ability to test at both high and low temperatures.

Probe mark test ability

The probe can avoid piercing the wafer pad during use by having the marks of the probe tested, so that the wafer pad can be tested in a safe and controllable state.

High efficiency simulation capability

Analyze the high speed performance of the probe, optimize its shape, size and material, so that the probe has high speed testing ability, and can play an important role in the project of high speed probe card.

Probe performance test capability

The mechanical properties of the probe are tested to make the probe have stable mechanical ability under the set stroke. The CCC of the probe is tested to make the probe have the flow ability.